Banking Superintendency Updates Market Risk and Liquidity Manual
23 junio 2020

On June 23, the Banking Superintendency issued Circular SB-INRE-2020-0012-C, updating the Market Risk and Liquidity Manual, which provides data to financial system entities so that they can periodically report information on investors, issuers and product details (credit cards), for example. The information must be submitted as of July 1, 2020.

Financial entities must submit information on sensitivity gaps, the sensitivity of the equity value and financial margins, structural liquidity, liquidity gaps, fund raising by amount, financial obligations and concentration of deposits of the 100 largest clients.

Credit card products will be associated with statistics measuring the most compliant customers. This means that there are cases where the risk control model for certain accounting accounts will be disaggregated and that as a product, they will be grouped according to certain criteria. 

The main criteria are as follows:

  • Financial performance of the product
  • Customer behavior
  • Curves with which a specific group of operation is associated