Indecopi Urges TV Companies and Cable Operators to Comply with Copyright Royalty Payments
19 junio 2020


On June 5, Indecopi’s Copyright Directorate (DDA, for its acronym in Spanish) exhorted radio, television and cable operators to comply with the payment of royalties when broadcasting films, series and music protected by the Copyright Law. Indecopi is keen to encourage the payment of royalties to benefit rights holders and prevent the companies from infringing the regulations.

Indecopi said that if companies do not comply with royalty payments, copyright holders or the organization representing them may file a complaint with Indecopi against them for recognition of accrued remuneration, or in other words, charging them with the undue “exploitation of works, productions, and performances”.

The use of artistic work and productions must be accompanied by the payment of the corresponding royalties, either to the owners of the rights managing the creations, or to the collective management organizations representing them.

Collective management organizations are legally constituted groups authorized by the DDA to manage the economic rights of authors or the holders of related rights. They provide a link between the owners, such as artists, actors, musicians, etc., and the users of the protected works, productions, performances, e.g.,  television channels, cable, radio stations, cinemas, etc.


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