Indecopi Launches “IP Route” Program to Promote Development of Intellectual Property Skills
19 junio 2020


The National Institute Defense of Competition and Protection of Intellectual Property (Indecopi, in Spanish), launched the “IP Route” Program in order to detect intangible assets linked to intellectual property. The agency says the goal is to enable companies to exercise a competitive advantage and reinvent themselves in the market. The details of the new Program are available here.

Indecopi indicated that IP assets are considered to be intangible goods arising or created from developments generated by companies, such as software, products, procedures, trademarks, commercial slogans and designs. Therefore, through this tool, companies can create strategies to optimize the use of intellectual property within the organization, according to the structure, capacity and type of business they run.

In turn, registered companies may request the Indecopi to share necessary information about the organization’s link with the intellectual property system, so that they can draw up the most suitable plan to take advantage of this system.

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