Judicial Power Ratifies Parra as the Legitimate President of the National Assembly, Despite Criticism From Guaidó
27 mayo 2020

The Supreme Court of Justice (TSJ, in Spanish) issued a ruling on May 27 recognizing Luis Parra as the legitimate president of the National Assembly (AN), rather than Juan Guaidó, and considered that there were no problems worthy of note during the election held on January 5. This decision only makes the Venezuelan political scene more complicated, given that Guaidó and various sectors of civil society have lodged complaints that Parra’s election did not comply with AN regulations. More news is expected in this regard in the next few days.

The TSJ decision essentially established that no “actions were taken outside the framework of constitutional competence” during the election of the board of directors, which Parra presides. Despite allegations that the session in which Parra was elected did not have the necessary quorum, the court explained that this was a meeting of a “preparatory commission”, and hence, the result is legal.

The elections for the AN authorities were held on January 5 for 2020, but the armed forces prevented Juan Guaidó and his allies from entering the building and participating in the election. Parra was elected in this context. However, Guaidó and 100 other deputies held a parallel session, in which Guaidó was reelected as president of the AN. The opposition considers that Parra’s election is invalid due to the lack of quorum.