National Defense Committee Begins Study of Veto on Cybersecurity Law
25 mayo 2020

On May 25, the National Defense Committee began to study the veto presented last September by the Executive Branch regarding the Cybersecurity Law, designed to establish a regulatory framework for digital security in Peru. The representative of the General Office of Information Technology and Statistics of the Ministry of Defense, Colonel Walker Lozada, gave a presentation to legislators who are expected to continue their study of the measure in the next few days.

The committee chairman, Daniel Urresti (PP), said that all contributions and opinions should be analyzed with a view to “taking the best decision” about the regulation. It is worth mentioning that the observations of the Executive Branch were presented a few days before Congress was dissolved on September 30. Since the Legislative Branch ceased to function on that date, its debate was interrupted until this week.

During his presentation, Lozada said that the proposal is “unfeasible” as there is already a regulatory framework for digital security in existence, referring to the Emergency Decree 006-2020 creating the digital transformation system. He added that many of the articles established in the law are already regulated by the provision issued by the Executive Branch.

Through this decree, the Executive Branch set up the National Digital Transformation System to strengthen inclusion and access to digital technologies in the country. The idea is to foster digital trust by driving issues such as security, transparency, personal data protection and ethical technology management in the digital environment with a view to achieving sustainability and economic prosperity.