SUBTEL Calls for Regulatory Consultation on Cybersecurity for Telecomms
20 mayo 2020

On May 20, the Undersecretariat for Telecommunications (SUBTEL, for its acronym in Spanish) ordered a regulatory proposal to be submitted to a public consultation for input. This concerns the cybersecurity parameters required to design, install and operate the networks and systems used to provide telecommunications services. The regulations will be open to comments until June 4. 

Access a summary of the grounds for the public consultation drawn up by SUBTEL by clicking here.

The purpose of the measure is to establish a regulatory framework for general cybersecurity foundations, which will be used as a basis to design, install and operate the networks and systems run by the principal telecommunications services operators in the country.

These principal operators are those holding a public or intermediate telecommunications service concession, or a limited telecommunications service permit, who have been declared of importance by SUBTEL. The category also extends to concessionaires and licensees operating telecommunications networks and systems defined as critical infrastructure in the Resolution issued by the Undersecretariat.

The text seeks to regulate how information on cyber incidents is sent by telecommunications services concessionaires and licensees to the Undersecretariat, so that this entity can coordinate actions aimed at mitigating the effects of these events.