CMF puts in consultation Basel III regulations
15 mayo 2020

On May 15, the Financial Market Commission (CMF, in spanish) launched a public consultation on regulations for the implementation of additional capital charges as a result of the Basel III supervisory process. The text will be open for comments on the agency’s website until July 15. 

This process seeks to ensure that banks maintain a level of capital in line with their risk profile and to encourage the development and use of appropriate processes for monitoring and managing the risks they face.

The consultation consists of two documents: a regulatory report and a presentation by the CMF. The first text is on the classification of banks’ effective capital adequacy. The second is on the management and solvency rating of banks.

The regulations also extend the powers of the CMF to establish additional capital charges on specific entities, if the economic situation justifies it. 

It is important to note that the CMF announced in March the extension of the Basel III implementation deadlines, informing that Pillar II will come into effect in the fourth quarter of the year. In thi