Personal Data: Senate approves delaying sanctions to August 2021
19 mayo 2020

On May 19, the plenary of the Senate voted on an urgent bill that proposes delaying the entry into force of certain articles of the General Law on Data Protection (LGPD) until August 2021. The bill has been sent to the Executive for enactment.

Even though senators insisted on the original wording of the bill, they voted in favour of article 18 proposed by deputies, which delays until August 1, 2021 the entry into force of articles 52, 53 and 54 of the Law on Personal Data relating to the application of penalties for non-compliance.

The bill, which creates a special legal regime amid the pandemic, had already been passed by the Senate, but since deputies went on to propose amendments to it, it again needed to be looked at by the upper chamber.

We remind you that the Provisional Measure of Bolsonaro, which delays the law until May 3, 2021, is currently in force. Since this type of Executive measure has the force of law from the moment of its publication in the Official Gazette, the date of extension defined by the president is still maintained. However, in order for this measure to remain in force, it must be ratified by Congress in the coming weeks. Otherwise, it will lose its validity.  

The text approved by Congress was sent to the Executive for enactment. There is a possibility that Bolsonaro will decide to veto the articles on this subject.