Executive Branch Passes Law Creating Cancer Support Program
20 mayo 2020


On May 13, the Executive Branch published Law 154 in the Official Gazette, creating the National Support, Prevention and Comprehensive Care Program for People with Oncological Diseases. The idea is to provide cancer patients with the resources needed to meet the costs of their treatment, including medication. The circular goes into effect as of today.

The Law envisages enhancing the quality of life of cancer sufferers by improving access to preventive examinations and treatments. Likewise, public awareness campaigns will be launched to improve early cancer detection rates. The program is designed to apply to all patients diagnosed with cancer by a medical expert duly certified by the Ministry of Health.

The costs associated with the implementation of the plan will be covered by the creation of a Special Fund for the Beneficiaries of the Program for People with Oncological Diseases. The Fund will be financed initially by Government contributions as well as budgetary resources allocated on an annual basis by the Executive, and donations made by individuals or companies as well as by public and private-sector national or international organizations.

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