Executive Branch Extends State of Emergency
13 mayo 2020

On May 13,  the Executive branch extended the nationwide State of Alarm for another 30 days to curb the effects of COVID-19 on the population and the economy. The measure is to be in effect through June 12 but could be further extended if deemed necessary by the Executive branch. 

“We have to make sure that the quarantine and disinfection days flatten the curve of infection,” said Maduro. The State of Alarm was originally decreed on March 13 and subsequently renewed on April 11. However, the measures were criticized by National Assembly president and opposition leader Juan Guaidó, who said people “are starving to death”.

At the same time, Maduro’s administration backed the policies announced in late March to tackle the economic effects of COVID-19 on the country’s businesses, such as the moratorium on credit and interest payments. However, some sectors of the opposition and civil society have voiced their doubts as to the actual implementation of these announcements.