Vizcarra Extends State of Emergency until May 10, Announces New Economic Measures
23 abril 2020

On April 23, the President of Peru, Martin Vizcarra, announced the extension of the state of emergency and obligatory social isolation until May 10. In a videoconference, he said he will again ask Congress for legislative powers in tax and financial matters and added that they are looking at reopening the economy as of May 4. Finally, he indicated that there would be a S/ 760 bonus paid to families whose members are not covered by any other bonus or subsidy.  

In his announcements, Vizcarra said he is evaluating the possibility of levying taxes on sectors with higher incomes and mentioned a bill in Congress filed by the Frepap party proposing taxing large fortunes belonging to individuals, companies or economic groups. The collection of this tax would be used to promote jobs and educational and health inclusion among lower income citizens.

Vizcarra added that tomorrow he will formalize the Committee which will evaluate the proposal drawn up by the Council of Ministers with representatives from each sector to program the re-starting of economic activities in Peru. The intention of the Executive is to begin gradual reactivation as from May 4. 

The Committee will included the following:

  • Representatives from regional governments
  • A representative from the business community
  • A university representative
  • A workers’ representative
  • A representative of the media

The Executive also announced the extension of the Universal Bonus Payment to 6.8 million families, for which the Ministry of Economy and Finance has estimated a budget of S/. 5,168 million. The extra payment will be granted to the 75% of Peruvian families which earn no income. He said the other 25% have a salary as they receive their pay package at the end of the month.