Vizcarra Announces Extension of State of Emergency until April 26
8 abril 2020

On April 8, the Peruvian President of Peru Martín Vizcarra, announced the extension of the state of emergency until Sunday, April 26. The mandatory isolation and immobilization provisions will be maintained throughout the country until that date. Vizcarra noted that the extension of this measure is a way of guaranteeing the efforts being made by Peruvians to prevent the spread of COVID-19. 

He added that he took this decision after listening to reports from the Ministry of Health and the teams of experts advising the sector, as well as others such as the Medical College of Peru. The president pointed out that the information being obtained is much broader and includes data on the evolution of the disease.

He added that the administration is working on a series of additional measures to those already dictated to avoid the economic impact of the total stoppage for two months. “We will recover, and when we resume our daily activities, be sure that when we overcome this disease we will achieve progress and development,” he stressed.