ILO recommends governments boost measures to digitally train unemployed youth
3 abril 2020



Youth employment. On March 9, the International Labour Organisation (ILO) published the report “Global Employment Trends for Youth 2020” which looks at the impact of technology on the labor markets for young adults. The report states that these workers continue to face high poverty rates and are increasingly exposed to informal and less secure forms of employment. In response, the paper suggests that governments promote educational and vocational programs to empower young people. The ILO will seek to promote these measures at a regional level during 2020.

The ILO report argues that young people are concerned that new technologies could cause them to lose their jobs and that there is a lack of a qualified labor supply. In response, the agency suggests promoting the acquisition of digital skills as well as lifelong learning programs. It recommends governments “update their educational and vocational programs”, taking into account labor market trends.

On the other hand, the document recommends that States promote policies to generate a sufficient number of “decent” jobs and ensure employees have social protection and labour rights. It also recommends an “integrated approach” that includes large-scale programs that incorporate a multidimensional analysis of the socio-economic realities of young people.

Next steps

The ILO published a document outlining and warning of the impact of technology on youth employment. In view of the costs generated by the incorporation of new technologies, ILO proposes governments adopt an integrated approach, including macroeconomic and sectoral policies for job creation, together with redistributive policies, to tackle this and promote growth. ILO, together with the region’s governments, is expected to promote this agenda in the second part of 2020.