Executive branch steps up fight against COVID-19
23 marzo 2020

The Financial Market Commission (CMF) extended the deadline for companies to submit their financial statements to April 15 and also announced a package of measures to facilitate credit flows to companies and households in response to the negative economic impact of COVID-19.

Among the measures announced by the CMF, of particular note is the possibility of postponing the payment of mortgage loans by up to three instalments. In addition, SME debtors may be able to delay payments on bank loans by up to 6 months, without this being considered a renegotiation. Furthermore, terms for the disposal of Goods Received in Payment may also be extended.

Meanwhile, the Central Bank published an amendment to the Regulations for the Functioning of the Council of the Central Bank of Chile and informed the new conditions of the Conditional Credit Facility for Increased Placements (FCIC) and complementary measures.

Finally, the Internal Revenue Service announced new deadlines for filing Income Tax Returns originally due at the end of this month on its website