President of the Assembly announces the creation of a subcommittee to prepare the reforms to the Securities Market Law and the Public Finance Code
13 marzo 2020

The president of the National Assembly, Cesar Litardo, announced the creation of a subcommittee to assist the Ministry of Finance in the elaboration and drafting of the reform texts of the Stock Market Law and the Public Finance Code. It is expected that they will begin with the drafting of the regulations in the next few days.

The ministry will have to send the legislative body all the necessary information that will allow it to work on the reforms. In the same way, the officials announced that a series of meetings will be held with representatives of the private banking sector with the aim of establishing reinvestment mechanisms in the productive system and in the revision of interest rates.

The announcement was made by Litardo after the meeting between members of the Legislative Administration Council (CAL), the party leaders and political groups comprising the National Assembly with Finance Minister Richard Martinez to analyze the President’s announcements, as well as the economic measures to be implemented following the global Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak.