National Customs Authority Works to Tackle Illicit Trade
17 febrero 2020

The National Customs Authority (ANA) is making progress in combating counterfeiting, smuggling and piracy in the country. On February 17, the “Ven en Positivo” (Come Positive) campaign was launched to raise consumer awareness of these problems. ANA has also launched an internal training campaign in partnership with the private sector, to improve customs control mechanisms for illegal products. The agency intends these measures to be deepened in the short term. 

In the framework of its Alliance against Illicit Trade (which includes private sector institutions) the ANA has been organizing internal training sessions to tackle piracy, including strategies for detecting counterfeit goods. The ANA also announced that a joint effort is being made with specialists from the Industrial Property Directorate and the Customs Prevention and Control Directorate to evaluate regulatory changes in the sector. 

The “Ven en Positivo” promotional campaign aims to strengthen the fight against counterfeiting, smuggling and piracy, which “expose consumers to health and safety risks and dangers.” The campaign is supported by other state institutions, such as the Health Ministry (MINSA) and the Culture Ministry (MiCultura), and seeks to restrict the consumption of pirated audiovisual products, among others.