Economy Committee Holds Forum to Modify Industrial Property Law
12 febrero 2020


On February 5, the Senate Economic Committee held a Forum to discuss amendments to the Industrial Property Law. Two bills on the subject were considered: one by Ernesto Pérez (Morena – ruling party) and another by Noé Castañon (Movimiento Ciudadano – opposition), modifying the regulation of drug patents. The body wants to approve a text merging both bills in the coming weeks. As changes in patent regulation progress, the National Institute of Transparency, Access to Information and Personal Data Protection (INAI, for its acronym in Spanish) urged pharmaceutical companies to publish information on medicine prices, in particular oncological treatments.   

According to the committee’s president, Gustavo Madero (National Action Party – opposition), the new industrial property law will be “effective and modern”. Two initiatives were discussed at the event. The first, by Senator Pérez, seeks to regulate drug patents and the registration of trademarks and commercial advertisements. The second by Senator Castañón proposes new regulations for obtaining patents, including the inventor’s right to request an adjustment of validity when the patent is granted 5 years after the date of filing.

It should be noted that with these measures the legislature is seeking to bring about changes in drug patent regulation, another marker in the struggle of the Mexican State to change the way in which the pharmaceutical market operates. The INAI urged the Ministry of Health to submit information on the costs of cancer drugs, for example, Pembrolizumab, to “make information on these supplies transparent” for Mexican consumers.

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