Congress Resumes Legislative Activity with Emphasis on Economic Reforms
3 febrero 2020

On February 3, the Brazilian Congress resumed its legislative activity after the summer recess. The agenda for the new legislative period will focus on the study of the tax reform bill, including the creation of a joint committee this month. Bolsonaro announced at the inauguration of the new legislature that his team will continue working to “improve the efficiency of public spending” and create formal jobs. 

In line with the tax reform under discussion, the president said that this year they will focus on reducing the “gigantic, slow-moving, bureaucratic and onerous state for taxpayers.” The government’s 2020 agenda will concentrate on promoting fiscal balance, the autonomy of the Central Bank and combating crime. 

Representatives of the Chamber of Deputies and the Senate hailed Bolsonaro’s message and defended the approval of new economic reforms to reduce the fiscal deficit. Senate president Davi Alcolumbre (Democratas – allied with the ruling party), said that they will be setting up a mixed committee of senators and deputies during February to study the tax reform with a view to drafting a common text between the two chambers incorporating the Government’s suggestions.