Panama Maritime Authority Mediates in Dispute Between Cargo Carriers and Shipping Companies
31 enero 2020


On January 29, the Panama Maritime Authority (AMP, for its acronym in Spanish) volunteered to mediate in the conflict between Panamanian cargo carriers and international shipping companies. The conflict was initiated by shipping companies with an interest in “monopolizing” operations reserved by law for carriers, such as customs brokerage and land cargo movement, among others. The AMP is expected to bring the parties together to seek a solution to the conflict in the coming weeks. 

AMP, as the dispute’s mediating body, stated that it is carrying out an “in-depth” analysis of the legislation, in particular Law 51, which regulates the transport of land cargo. Its aim is to clear up doubts about the activities undertaken and seek solutions to the current problem, including negotiation meetings with interested parties. The cargo transport companies anticipated that they fear “a possible reform that would open the doors to international shipping companies to legally monopolize these services.” 

The working groups are comprised of the Panama Logistics Business Council, the National Union of Customs Brokers of Panama, the Ministry of Commerce and Industry, the National Customs Authority, the Consumer Protection and Competition Defense Authority, among others. 

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