ILO publishes report on gender gap in youth labour market
13 enero 2020


Labor Inclusion. On January 13, the International Labor Organization published a report stating that there is a much higher unemployment rate for women between the ages of 15 and 24 than for men in the same age range worldwide. The authors argue that this gap arises, in certain countries, as a consequence of restrictive gender and cultural norms. On the basis of this report, it is hoped that both the ILO and the countries of the region will make progress in studying and reducing the gender gap in the labour market.

At the statistical level, the report states that women represent 39% of employees worldwide, yet constitute only 27% of senior positions. Furthermore, 73% of senior managers and 77% of workers in crafts and trade are men, the two occupational groups in which men have the highest wage premiums.

Next Steps

On the back of a report published by the ILO that states that the rate of youth unemployment is much higher among women than men, it is expected that the countries of the region will make progress in reducing the gender gap in the labour market, taking into account the recommendations of that organization. It is also expected that ILO will continue to conduct research around this issue, with the aim of promoting the most appropriate responses at the international level.