TC Endorses Vizcarra’s Position on Dissolution of Congress
17 enero 2020

On January 14, the Constitutional Court (TC) approved with four votes in favor, the presentation filed by Magistrate Carlos Ramos declaring the competence claim brought by Pedro Olaechea, president of the Permanent Committee, against the Executive regarding the dissolution of Congress, unfounded.

The justices who voted to reject Olaechea’s appeal were Carlos Ramos, Eloy Espinoza-Saldaña, Manuel Miranda and Marianella Ledesma (president of the TC). In her speech, Ledesma said that President Martín Vizcarra had reason to believe that the confidence placed in him by Congress September 30, 2019 had been denied.

Ledesma stated that the rejection of the vote of confidence was “clear and unquestionable”. Meanwhile, José Luis Sardón, Ernesto Blume and Augusto Ferrero voted against the approval of Ramos’s presentation and said that the Head of State’s decision was unconstitutional. 

In turn, Justice Ernesto Blume questioned Carlos Ramos’s presentation and moved to approve the competency claim, after pointing out that Vizcarra infringed the Constitution by dissolving Congress, using a “factual denial of confidence.”