Chile Sets 2020 Legislative Priorities for Health
15 enero 2020


On January 2, Chilean Health Minister Jaime Mañalich announced that the Executive Branch plans to promote a series of health initiatives in 2020 to work on together with Congress. The aim is to achieve a system of universal health coverage focused on improving patient care and reducing costs for citizens. 

The Ministry has prepared a report summarizing this year’s goals and the milestones achieved in 2019 to support its 2020 agenda. Among the challenges envisaged are working with Congress to guarantee universal coverage, constant improvements to the public health network and prevention and health care. 

The initiatives to be sanctioned during the year include the Drugs II Bill which proposes a reform to the Health Code to regulate generic bioequivalents and integrate of laboratories and pharmacies. The National Health Fund is also up for reform, which implies increasing the state funds assigned to medical benefits.

One of the issues to be discussed by Congress in 2020 is the National Cancer Bill, currently being considered by the Senate Finance Committee, which is looking at a study of funding for the eventual bill. The initiative contemplates the creation of cancer patient register, a clinical commission to advise on decision-making for this new public health policy and training the human resources needed. Other provisions include setting up a network of medium and high complexity centers in the different regions.

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