Senate Constitution Committee Concludes Debate on Data Protection Bill
10 enero 2020

On January 8, the Senate Constitution Committee concluded its debate and vote on the personal data protection bill, approving a series of amendments proposed by the Executive. The Government will launch a period during which these modifications can be formally introduced, after which the senators will organize a brief meeting to revise the approved text. 

Capital Markets Coordinator Catherine Tornel participated in the meeting and explained the modifications proposed by the Executive. The senators approved the idea of modifying part of Article 14 concerning the differentiation of compliance standards, ensuring that the text reinforces and makes explicit the powers of the Council for Transparency and Protection of Personal Data.

On the other hand, the committee also approved the Executive’s idea to delete paragraph 7 of Article 22 of the text, stating that “the transfer of all or part of the databases created by a public body shall be recorded in writing through an agreement signed between the transferrer and the entity transferring the information. The agreement shall set out the specific processing purposes for which the data will be used.” 

Tornel explained that the support for removing this Article is based on the fact that signing these agreements would add layers of bureaucracy to the public apparatus, as the transmission of data in public bodies is already sufficiently protected.