Executive Begins Issuing Regulations Under Public Emergency and Economic Reactivation Law
3 enero 2020

The Executive has begun the process to implement the Social Emergency Law as published in the Official Gazette on December 27 through a series of regulations detailed here. Although the law has not yet been fully enacted by the Executive, the implementation process is expected to continue in the coming days.

The regulation proposes taxing the purchase of digital services at 8% (instead of 30%) according to the new PAIS Tax (for its acronym in Spanish) which levies a surcharge on the acquisition of foreign currency for personal savings and credit card purchases made abroad. Also, there is a proposal to suspend the payment of this surcharge on land and passenger transport services to neighboring countries.

The main proposal envisages applying the 30% PAIS tax to the acquisition of services in other countries, contracted through travel and tourism agencies based in Argentina, and the acquisition of any air, land or sea travel services, regardless of the method of payment, if payment involves accessing the exchange market to acquire foreign currency.