Piñera promulgates reform bill that enables constitutional plebiscite
24 diciembre 2019

On 23 December, President Sebastián Piñera signed the decree promulgating the constitutional reform bill approved by Congress last week. This initiative makes it possible to hold a plebiscite in April 2020 asking citizens two questions: whether they want a new constitution, and what kind of body should draft it. The text was published in the official gazette on 24 December. 

If the process moves forward, it will entail setting deadlines for the election of constituents and a convention to be held to draft the new Constitution. 

Regarding the reform, Piñera said that “it opens the doors and defines a path to achieve a great Constitutional Agreement, giving us a solid, shared, legitimate institutional framework to be able to face the formidable challenges of the present as a country, and take advantage of the magnificent opportunities that this 21st century is already setting before us.”

It should be noted that the final constitutional text will have to be endorsed in a new plebiscite.