Public Hearing on Designation of Financial Information Unit Authorities
23 diciembre 2019

On December 23, the Ministry of Economy, launched a public consultation through Decree 5/2019, to evaluate observations made about the appointments of the president and vice president of the Financial Information Unit (UIF, for its acronym in Spanish), Dr. Carlos Alberto Oscar Cruz and lawyer Mariana Noemí Quevedo. The hearing will be held on January 22, 2020 at 8:00 am, at the Ministry of Economy. Those interested in participating in the event have time to register until January 3, 2020, on the ministry’s website. See the details of the hearing by clicking here.

To consult information about the professionals proposed for the positions to be covered in the UIF, click here.

Interested parties may, within 15 days of the last publication in the Official Gazette of the Official Notice of public hearing, submit their observations regarding the candidates to the Ministry of Finance and Public Finance in writing and in a well-founded and documented manner.