Tax Reform: Assembly passes Executive’s veto
20 diciembre 2019

At the stroke of midnight on December 17, the National Assembly passed the non-binding report on the partial veto of the Tax Reform Bill introduced by the Executive branch with 70 votes in favor, 51 against and 5 abstentions.


The Assembly followed the recommendations of the Economic Regime Committee and accepted 12 out of 13 objections. The Executive must now enact the initiative through its publication in the Official Gazette.


The Assembly floor decided to pass 12 out of the 13 sections observed by the Executive branch. In the meantime, lawmakers ratified the new wording proposed by the Assembly for the section referring to the shipment of postal packages by Ecuadorians living abroad. Regarding this section, which raised objection Nº7 from the Executive branch), the wording drafted by Assembly members on December 9 will be maintained. The National Customs Service will be the agency responsible for controlling and regulating the shipment of packages.