Executive Introduces Indications to Bill on Personal Data and Promotes Cybersecurity Round-table
13 diciembre 2019

On December 9, the Senate Constitution Committee discussed the personal data bill (File 11144) at a session attended by the Capital Markets Coordinator, Catherine Tornel, who announced that the Executive had introduced a series of indications into the bill. The indications must be approved by the Committee Secretariat before being debated and are not yet available. The indications, which will be circulated once they have been obtained are expected to be debated in a forthcoming session.

The initiative aims to improve the rules relating to the individual personal data processing, so that this is done with the data owner’s consent, or in cases authorized by law, ensuring standards of quality, information, transparency and security. The committee is expected to give the bill a final review.

The Executive is also making progress with the Digital Development Social Plan through the Subsecretary of Telecommunications (SUBTEL). The initiative, which has the support of the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB), involves four technical roundtables charged with collaborative work, including one on cybersecurity and data protection.

The Working Group will seek to analyze the impact of 5G technology on cybersecurity affecting public and private institutions and personal data protection in 5G, which means that the current national cybersecurity plan will be modified. The Working Group is expected to deliver its proposals in the second half of 2020.