Central Bank Council Publishes Provision on Foreign Exchange Market Interventions
6 diciembre 2019

The Council of the Central Bank has adopted an agreement regulating market interventions with exchange rate objectives, under the current flotation regime. This provision specifies that the Central Bank reserves the power to intervene in the exchange market in those cases when the president of the Bank decides that it is necessary, with the prior approval of the Council.

On occasions when the Council is unable to meet, the president may himself instruct the implementation of market interventions with exchange rate objectives. These measures may be carried out through purchases and sales of foreign currency, and may also consider other types of operations and modalities, such as swaps of foreign currency, the issuance of Central Bank of Chile Bonds in dollars, among other provisions.

The Financial Markets Commission has also published another regulation for public consultation which examines ways of expanding and improving the information required by the Social Responsibility and Sustainable Development Report which has to be included every year by securities issuers in their own reports.