Official Gazette: CNV Publishes Resolution on Market Infrastructures and Risk Management
29 noviembre 2019

On November 27, the National Securities Commission (CNV, for its acronym in Spanish) published General Resolution 817/2019 aimed at strengthening market infrastructures and improving risk management.

The resolution regulates the minimum net worth amount for the entities to which it applies, as well as its recomposition, and establishes the requirements for permitted investments, detailing what information needs to be submitted to the CNV. The CNV can also request a report on the Recomposition of Net Worth, the Internal Regulations of the Risk Committee and details of the accounts used to manage Guarantee Funds.

The measure applies to Markets, Clearing Houses, Negotiation Agents, Settlement and Clearing Agents, Negotiable Securities Brokers, Central Depository Agents for Negotiable Securities, Custody, Registration and Payment Agents, Administration Agents for Collective Investment Products and Placement and Integral Distribution Agents for Mutual Investment Funds.