Government and Opposition Sign Agreement for Social Peace and new Constitution
22 noviembre 2019

The ruling party and opposition legislators met with political party presidents (excluding the Communist Party and the Social Green Regionalist Federation) to sign an “Agreement for Social Peace and a New Constitution“. Additionally, at the meeting held on November 15, they agreed to hold a referendum in April 2020 on the need for a new constitution. 

Also up for discussion is which entity should draft the text of the agreement. There are two possibilities: either a so-called Mixed Constitutional Convention, made up in equal parts of elected members and non-elected MPs; or a Constitutional Convention with 100% elected members. The agreement also states that members elected to these bodies would be chosen in October 2020, at the same time as the planned regional and municipal elections.


Whichever option is chosen, the body’s core function will be to draft the new constitution, for which it will have to approve rules and regulations with a quorum of two-thirds of its members in office. A nine-month period was established, which could be extended for three months, on a one-time only basis, to carry out its function. Once the text has been drafted, it will be submitted to a public vote by means of a referendum through compulsory universal suffrage.