Plan to Prevent Technological Crime and Cybercrime Adopted
8 noviembre 2019

On November 4, the Ministry of Security, through Resolution 977/2019, approved a Federal Plan to Prevent Technological Crime and Cybercrime setting guidelines and public policy priorities concerning IT-related crime and its impact on national security. Access the plan here

The plan aims to ensure “the appropriate levels of personnel, technology and regulations necessary to fighting those crimes committed using information and communication technologies (ICTs) throughout the country” by 2023. The idea is that by then, they will have built up the necessary knowledge of national metrics and trained response teams to act throughout the country.

The main goals established by the plan are: 

  • Federal coordination of efforts to tackle cybercrime.
  • Updating the regulatory framework
  • Public-Private Cooperation
  • Child protection
  • Establishment of the Advisory Commission on the fight against cybercrime

The proposed legislation aims to tackle the need for collaboration with the private sector, “service providers and information and communication technology companies.”