President-elect Fernandez Announces Moves to Promote Software Industry
8 noviembre 2019

On November 6, Argentine president-elect Alberto Fernandez (Frente de Todos) visited the Mexican headquarters of Globant, an Argentine company, and announced that the promotion of the software industry “must be a state policy.” 

During the meeting he held a teleconference with the company’s founding partners and reminded them of the Software Law adopted during Nestor Kirchner’s government, when Fernandez was chief of staff. “It is a source of pride that Argentines such as you have been able to do all this,” he remarked.

The incoming government is thus expected to follow through on the implementation of the Regime to Promote the Knowledge Economy, driven by Mauricio Macri’s administration and passed by Congress earlier this year. The idea is to provide incentives for economic activities involving the use of knowledge created by advances in science and technology, as well as for improvements in goods procurement, the provision of services and technological processes. 

Fernandez will take office as President on December 10 for a four-year term, until 2023, accompanied by former president Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner, as vice-president.