Minister of Finance Meets with Authors of Financing Bill Report
8 noviembre 2019

On November 6, the Committee members tasked with preparing the report on the Financing Bill met with Finance Minister Alberto Carrasquilla to discuss the likelihood of potential modifications to the bill which may be sought by other legislative blocs. The legislators Rodrigo Villalba (Partido Liberal – independent), David Barguil (Partido Conservador – ally of the ruling party), Richard Aguilar (Cambio Radical – independent), and Fernando Araujo (Partido Conservativo – ally of the ruling party), met with Carrasquilla who said he was reluctant to make any changes to the bill. However, given the minority position of the ruling party in Congress, the government is obliged to negotiate with different blocs to push legislation through.  

Barguil spoke in favor of the bill explaining that it will “reduce companies’ tax burden and so boost the productive sectors, which is fundamental for the country on its path of growth and formal employment.” Carrasquilla responded that, “What the government has submitted [i.e. the bill] is exactly what Congress has already studied and approved, so we are going to insist on it being endorsed.”

The Committee is set to reconvene on November 12, and the meetings of the third committee to study the bill likely to begin by the end of the month. Due to a Constitutional Court decision, the bill must be approved by the end of December 2019.