Teleworking Bill Not Yet Enacted
25 octubre 2019

The Executive Branch has not yet enacted the bill establishing and regulating teleworking contract in the Republic of Panama which was passed by the National Assembly on October 10, and prompted differences between various sectors of society. Both the Ministry of Labor and the National Confederation of Trade Union Unity (Conusi, for its acronym in Spanish), believe the text should have been revised more thoroughly in the Assembly, as they consider that the necessary consultations were not made. The regulations will probably be vetoed by the Executive and returned to the Assembly for a veto, or to insist on its approval.

The Minister of Work and Labour Development (Mitradel), Doris Zapata, said that the bill should be returned to the Legislative but that “the President has the final word”, while other sources also speculated that the presidential legal advisory department is likely to evaluate the contributions made by the ministry.

Eduardo Gil, representative of the National Council of Organized Workers (Conato, for its acronym in Spanish), said that teleworking offers many positive elements in terms of worker benefits. However, there are other elements that he considers should have been agreed in broad terms. The Executive is likely to return the bill to the Assembly, with observations to be studied by the legislators.