Ruling party and part of the opposition work on electoral reforms
18 octubre 2019

On October 17, opposition representatives and their opposite numbers from Nicolás Maduro’s administration established a dialogue to discuss the election of a new National Electoral Council (CNE). The initiative is part of the six-point agreement signed by both parties on September 16, and progress is expected in the next few weeks to select the candidates for the CNE.


Minister of Communication Jorge Rodriguez explained that the roundtable has three objectives: to form a new CNE, to ensure compliance with electoral guarantees, and to establish a proportional representation system for the legislative elections, scheduled for 2020. Similarly, the secretary general of the Partido Movimiento al Socialismo (MAS), Felipe Mujica, said that it is “essential” to elect a new CNE in order to hold “free and democratic” elections.


The six-point agreement signed by an opposition party not allied with Juan Guaidó, and Maduro’s administration, posits the return of the ruling party to the National Assembly and re-opening Supreme Court cases of people allegedly illegitimately detained. Juan Guaidó dismissed the agreement as an “irresponsible charade”.