Executive Announces National Medication Plan
9 octubre 2019


On October 7, the Executive Branch announced the National Medicines Plan, a series of 30 measures aimed at making medicines more accessible to the Chilean population. Among these is an insurance bill that would cover high-cost treatments, including the medicines involved. The Executive also gave legislative priority to the drug bill II, currently in Congress awaiting debate over each article which could begin in the coming weeks. 

The National Medicines Plan implements existing regulations to increase the availability of bioequivalent drugs and introduces new ones guaranteeing access to medicines. It also incorporates the inspection of the pathology certifications included in the healthcare reform known as AUGE – an acronym for Universal Access, Explicit Guarantees – and the delivery of drugs related to these by the Pension Health Institutions (ISAPRES for its acronym in Spanish), on behalf of the Health Superintendency.

The Plan also envisages the implementation of the “digital pillbox”, an application which registers the medicines consumed by the user and calculates their consumption schedules, along with a medicine price comparison chart which will be available at the Digital Hospital as from November.

Also on October 1, the decree updating the AUGE came into effect, adding new cancer types to its list of protected diseases. Of the five new diseases added to the AUGE plan, four are types of cancers: lung, thyroid, kidney and multiple myeloma.

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