Health Regulators Present Plans to Ensure Medicine Supply
9 octubre 2019


Faced with the shortage of oncological drugs in the country’s hospitals, different health regulators are calling for actions to ensure supply. On October 1, the Secretary of Health, Jorge Alcocer, and the director of the Federal Commission for the Prevention of Health Risks (Cofepris, for its acronym in Spanish), José Alonso, asked Congress to approve the health reform creating the National Institute of Health for Welfare (INSABI, for its acronym in Spanish), as a first step towards ensuring universal access to these supplies. The Institute of Security and Social Services of State Workers (ISSSTE, for its acronym in Spanish), has also called for the direct purchase of unallocated drugs in bids that took place last June to be allowed to move forward.

In order to ensure the correct supply of drugs, Alcocer considers it necessary to drive three lines of action: guaranteeing universal free access to health services for all Mexicans; strengthening the capacity of the health system to reduce inequality, and implementing a population-centered care model. The priorities also include reinforcing regulations to protect Mexico from health risks. 

Cofepris considers it important to strengthen the control mechanisms applied so that the “359 companies manufacturing medicines in the country comply with national production standards.” For its part, the ISSSTE focused on a more immediate solution to alleviate the lack of these supplies, urging the Ministry of Finance and Public Credit (SHCP) to allow the direct purchase of the 404 drugs not allocated last June.

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