Region Advances in Joint Purchase of Immunotherapy Drugs
9 octubre 2019


On October 3, Alicia Ferreira, director general of Uruguay’s National Resource Fund, announced that a “joint procurement strategy” had been launched together with other Latin American countries through the Pan American Health Organization (PAHO) Strategic Fund to purchase high-cost immunotherapy drugs. A meeting is to be held in late October in Brasilia, where Mercosur countries will agree on the list of new drugs to be purchased through this system.

Ferreira said they aim to include “other immunotherapy medication, such as Nivolumab and Pembrolizumab, and seek prices beneficial to everyone.” Mercosur countries are now proposing plans to incorporate immunotherapy drugs into universal health coverage.

A meeting is expected to take place in the coming weeks in Brasilia to define the list of medicines to be procured through the joint purchasing system. Through the PAHO, Uruguay is urging the Ministers of Health of several countries to request immunotherapy-producing laboratories to lower their prices. 

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