Jurists defend Penal Code reform before Senators
27 septiembre 2019


On September 24, the Senate Justice Commission, chaired by Pedro Guastavino (PJ – opposition), welcomed jurists expressing their support for the Penal Code reform bill presented by the Executive Branch.

The meeting was attended by penal judge Daniel Petrone, who praised the incorporation of new crimes, specifically those related to intellectual property. “I consider the way in which the Code treats computer crimes to be a success because it defines certain current problems  such as the classification of grooming, and includes new criminal types, such as revenge porn (distribution of sexual content without the consent of those involved),” he said.

Attorney-general Gabriel Pérez Barberá stressed the importance of adapting existing legislation because it is “very disorganized”, while Judge Julio César Baez said that incorporating legal persons as subjects of crimes “is a great innovation”.

Finally, Judge Diego Gustavo Barroetaveña and the Attorney-general for Entre Ríos Jorge García referred to the current social context, emphasizing that it is vital for the debate to move forward. “There is consensus on the need to update the Penal Code. We hope that this reform attempt will not be frustrated by the particulars of Argentine politics, and that it will be taken up as a matter for the State,” he said. The next experts’ meeting will take place on October 8.

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