Countries Advance in the Implementation of Military Treaty Against Venezuela
27 septiembre 2019

On September 23, foreign ministers from 16 countries on the continent approved a resolution against Venezuela as part of the implementation of the Rio Treaty. The measure proposes freezing assets belonging to legal and natural persons related to Nicolás Maduro which have been registered in countries supporting the resolution. The ministers will meet again in November to discuss new measures against Venezuela.

The resolution also sets up a regional network to bolster legal and police cooperation in the investigation of money laundering cases that may involve Maduro’s relatives. The network is to be made up of financial intelligence authorities from the 16 countries that approved the document, including Argentina, Brazil, Canada and Colombia.

The Rio Treaty establishes diplomatic and military cooperation between countries on the continent in the face of intra- and extra-regional aggressions against the States. The Organization of American States (OAS) began to implement this measure against Venezuela on September 11, considering that the crisis in the South American country represents a threat to peace and security in the hemisphere. The Rio Treaty only envisages military force as a last resort.