Ecuador Presents Anti-Corruption Policy to OAS
13 septiembre 2019

On September 12, Ecuadorian Anti-Corruption Secretary Iván Granda presented the country’s National Anti-Corruption Policy to the delegates from the Organization of American States’ Anti-Corruption Mechanism (MESIC-OAS/OAS). One of the key areas of this policy is the recovery of assets following the malfeasance of funds. The plan is already in effect. 

The Secretary also presented the newly-created International Commission of Anti-Corruption Experts (CEICCE for its acronym in Spanish), which will help the State to develop policies to combat illicit activities. Ecuador and the other OAS members agreed to coordinate actions and share training events to facilitate information access.

The presentation took place within the framework of the XXXIII Meeting of MESICIC Experts from member states Mexico, Brazil, Argentina, Peru, and Ecuador, an opportunity for these countries to exchange information, foster greater collaboration, and jointly adopt solutions to combat corruption.

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