Government Opens Consultation on Cybersecurity Strategy
13 septiembre 2019

On September 10, the President’s Institutional Security Office published a public consultation on the National Cyber Security Strategy (E-Ciber) establishing actions aimed at “changing, with collaboration and at national level, the position taken by institutions and individuals on the issue.” Those parties interested in contributing their opinions may do so until October 1. 

The E-Ciber contemplates 10 strategic actions, including establishing a centralized governance model; increasing the level of protection for government and critical infrastructures (such as banking, electricity, transport, etc.), and improving the legal framework regarding cybersecurity. The document available for public consultation points out that E-Ciber not only bridges an important gap in the area of cybersecurity, but also draws up concrete actions aimed at stepping up the degree of commitment from the main actors involved. 

The text identifies three main cybersecurity areas where work is needed. The first is the fact that while there are good management initiatives in this area, they are fragmented, making it difficult for efforts in the sector to converge. The second is the lack of regulatory, strategic and operational alignment, which often “results in the formation of working groups for specific actions, making it difficult to absorb lessons learned and jeopardizing the long-term effectiveness of these actions.” The third issue concerns the different levels of maturity in society regarding cybersecurity, “giving rise to different perceptions of the true importance of the issue.”

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