SBS approves ROSEL template to report on asset laundering
6 septiembre 2019

On September 4, the Superintendency of Banking and Insurance (SBS), through Resolution SBS  N° 3949-2019, approved the ROSEL template for providing information about asset laundering and the financing of terrorism. The regulations apply to financial companies, credit card issuers and entities covered under Law 29038. The resolution has already entered into force.

The ROSEL template is published only on the Portal for the Prevention of Asset Laundering and Financing of Terrorism (Website PLAFT). The entities of the financial system are obliged to report on operations considered risky or suspicious in terms of asset laundering.

Likewise, the resolution modifies the requirements and characteristics of the Reports on Suspicious Operations (SOR), about which entities are obliged to inform the FIU-Peru, in the event of indications of asset laundering or the financing of terrorism, approved under Resolution SBS N° 6414-2014.

In addition, the Central Reserve Bank of Peru (BCRP), through Circular No. 0019-2019-BCRP, published an amendment to introduce new sanctions for non-compliance in the sale of securities in Securities Reporting Transactions in Exchange of National Currency. The aim is to adapt the regulatory framework to the guidelines of Law No. 30052. It should be noted that this measure has yet to enter into force. For this to be the case, it must be published in the Official Gazette. As of its taking effect, the measure will render Circular No. 033-2015-BCRP null and void.