Official Gazette: Executive creates Advisory Council to analyze tax reform proposal
6 septiembre 2019

On September 4, the Executive, through Norm No. 1,507, created the Tax Reform Advisory Council, whose brief will be to analyze tax reform issues and proposals coming from the Federal Revenue Service. The organ will have an initial three-month term (which may be extended). 

The body is to be chaired by Marcos Cintra, Special Secretary of Federal Revenue, and will encompass “economists and tax experts with a recognized knowledge of the subject”. The Council will work in conjunction with the Special Secretariat of Federal Revenue to advise on tax reform proposals presented by the Executive. Thus, its scope of action will include the analysis and discussion of the impacts and benefits such tax reform proposals. 

The creation of this body takes place amid the pending submission of the government’s tax reform proposal to Congress. Both the Chamber of Deputies and the Senate are currently reviewing tax reform bills with discussions on them already underway.

Cintra said the government will present its tax reform proposal “on time”. Asked if the government will have its own reform text, Cintra reaffirmed that it will. According to him, it is yet to be agreed whether the reform will enter through the Chamber of Deputies or through the Senate.