Panama Sets up Investment and Export Promotion Agency
30 agosto 2019

On August 27, President Laurentino Cortizo signed a decree creating Pro-Panama, an investment and export promotion agency which will be under the wing of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Headed up by Gisela Vergara, its main objective will be to contribute to the country’s growth and economic development by promoting Panamanian goods and services in international markets and attracting foreign investment. The Government is keen to expand commercial ties at international level.

The Agency will work hand-in-hand with the foreign service, turning embassies and consulates into tools to promote economic, social and cultural development. Specific tasks including monitoring supply and demand, opportunities, and trends in regional and international markets, as well as acting as a link with foreign importers and distributors. 

Foreign Minister Alejandro Ferrer stressed that “Panama offers exceptional advantages as it is the most interconnected country in the hemisphere thanks to its multimodal logistics platform, supported by a solid financial system, strategically positioning us as a key destination for business, investment and tourism.”