Mexico and Colombia Make Progress Regulating Palliative Care
14 agosto 2019

Different countries in the region are making progress with palliative care regulations in their respective health systems. In Mexico, the Health Ministry announced the review of the norm regulating access to palliative care for terminally-ill patients. For its part, Colombia is in the process of studying a bill to provide education in palliative care, currently awaiting treatment on the Senate Floor. These initiatives are expected to advance in the medium term.

In response to an exhortation sent by the Legislative Power, the Mexican Ministry of Health will be launching procedures to review the standard regulating the criteria for the palliative care of terminally-ill patients. The Ministry will aim to update the requirements and forms of coverage to be fulfilled by all healthcare providers, whether public or private. The access to proper and better treatments, especially regarding access to drugs, could be incorporated. 

Colombia is moving forward in the debate on the palliative care education bill which was presented by Senator María del Rosario Guerra (Democratic Center –– ruling party) and is currently waiting to be debated on the Senate Floor. The initiative proposes to reinforce training in palliative care during undergraduate courses in medicine, nursing, physiotherapy and psychology. The bill has already been approved by the Senate Sixth Committee and could be passed by the Senate in the coming weeks.