Chamber of Deputies Sets up Special Committee to study PPPs
9 agosto 2019


On August 6, the Chamber of Deputies set up Special Committee on Public-Private Partnerships (PPP) whose job is to analyze bill 3453/08. The measure will regulate the selection process prior to the execution of agreements between the public administration and private sector companies. The committee is expected to begin work in the coming weeks.

The idea behind the bill is to avoid “offensive practices” when transferring public resources to private entities by regulating the initial selection process whereby agreements between the State and private legal entities are drawn up. 

The initiative was filed in 2008, after its passage through the Senate. However, its legislative progress through the Chamber of Deputies has suffered from the involvement of multiple committees. Legislators have therefore decided to set up a special committee to study the issue in a more expeditious way. 

According to Rodrigo Maia, president of the Chamber of Deputies, the bill will pave the way to improving productivity in the private sector. “Public resources are not in themselves the way forward, as to make progress we must pass laws that guarantee greater legal security for private capital,” he said. 

The body has elected Deputy João Maia (Partido Liberal – allied with the ruling party) to preside the committee and Arnaldo Jardim (Cidadania – opposition) as rapporteur. He said that from the committee they will work to “improve legislation on public concessions, PPPs and investment funds.”


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