Argentina Defines Candidates for 2019 General Elections
9 agosto 2019


On Sunday, August 11, Argentine citizens will be voting in the primary, open, simultaneous and obligatory elections (PASO) for the candidates running for president, as well as the new members of Congress, in the October 27 general elections. The electoral dispute will be defined between current President Mauricio Macri (Juntos por el Cambio) and the opposition led by Alberto Fernández (Frente de Todos).

The PASO opinion polls currently show a difference in favour of Alberto Fernández whose voting intention stands at 38 percent with Mauricio Macri trailing behind with 33 points. The need for the country’s economic situation to show an uptick is crucial for President Macri to succeed in his bid for re-election. 

Former Economy Minister Roberto Lavagna (Consenso Federal) and deputy Nicolás Del Caño (Frente de Izquierda) are also competing in the presidential race, but both are far behind Macri and Fernández. 

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