Senate Committee Begins Debating on Bill to Reform Penal Code
7 junio 2019

The Senate Justice and Criminal Affairs Committee has begun its debate on reforms to the Penal Code. At the June 4 meeting, Justice and Human Rights Minister Germán Garavano presented the main aspects of the bill which will be examined by the senators over the next few weeks, saying that “the Code makes key progress in the regulation of cybercrime and incorporates the penal regime against companies, a key aspect for Congress to debate.”

The text recognises the latest form of cybercrimes, such as hacking and financial fraud, computer damage and illegal acts committed using access to computer software tools, such as access to computer data. At the meeting, discussion also centered on issues of phishing, extortive data hijacking and illegal computer access.

The bill sets specific prison sentences for copyright infringement in the form of anyone intending to profit from the edition or reproduction of a work, performance or phonogram, without due authorization, as well as anyone offering or exhibiting illegal copies.  The Code also details the crimes for which legal persons may be held liable, as well as the catalogue of possible sanctions and the specific guidelines to be taken into account when determining these.

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